Welcome to Dublin

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This is the 33rd year of the Dublin Marathon, which is run through the historic Georgian streets of Dublin, Ireland's largest and capital city. Dublin is home to a quarter of the country's almost 4 million people. Though founded by the Vikings, it is now a vibrant, dynamic city where half of the population are under 25. Dublin is only an hour by air from most U.K. and European cities, and more than half of the expected entry of 10,000 will be made up of overseas runners, many of whom will be returning to sample Irish Hospitality once more.

The Friendly Marathon

The reaction of many thousands of spectators lining the city streets for the event has been largely responsible for the success of marathon down through the years. It's no wonder that the Dublin Marathon is internationally known as the 'Friendly Marathon'.

So why not come and enjoy the experience of a warm and friendly welcome. The only problem is that once you have experienced it, you'll want to come back again!